Friday, July 24, 2009

Friday! It's Friday!

And I'm still Pollution, but I'm doing better today. So much less pain...


We received the Your Baby Can Read DVDs in the mail today :D I am ridiculously happy about that. Elijah watched through most of the first DVD before getting bored. He laughed at most of it. Hopefully he won't be completely uninterested as the month wears on :) The program says to watch the starter DVD twice a day for a month. I figure it's worth a shot :D


11pm - Day == success.

-kitchen cleaned
-dinner made
-some laundry dealt with
-bedrooms cleaned
-livingroom cleaned
-diningroom cleaned
-floors swept
-birthday party attended (briefly)
-home time w/ B

Time to go get the boy from his Marcian adventures. Then. Then sleep.

Night night.

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