Friday, July 10, 2009

Honey-scented /everything/.

Except the dog. The dog is not honey-scented.

See? Dog. 1 dog, scent: dog.

But the baby is honey-scented.

See? 1 baby, scent: honey.

His room is clean, and now has a tunnel to play in, a tower to keep toys in, a hammock to keep toys in, and a shelf with hooks.

See? Hammock.

See? Shelf and tower and tube.


We've been walking through the park lately. Here are some pictures:

The walking bridge over the train tracks, graded for wheelchairs and bicycles.

The park has a large pool.

And pretty trails.

And a swamp.

And ducks.


In unrelated news, I was ordering a Thai/English-English/Thai dictionary off Amazon, because one of my neighbours is Thai and wants help learning English. This item was approximately $10, and so to get free shipping, I added another book to make the total up to $25.

Except that it made the total up to $24.95.

Five cents.


The shipping would be $13.

So I added a $10 book :p


Things Elijah has eaten today:

-Cheerios with milk
-goldfish crackers
-graham crackers
-bagel chips
-ricotta and cinnamon-sugar and butter on a tortilla
-cottage cheese
-more bagel chips
-more cottage cheese
-saffron rice
-more banana
-more bagel chips
-lots and lots of water
-lots and lots of mama milk


Incidentally, the dog used to look like this:


sonja said...

I am highly amused by your writing!!! Enjoy this slice of your life with Elijah, dog and all. By the way, I have dealt with Amazon free shipping math myself at times, so I totally felt your aggravation there!

Mama Coyote said...

Thank you, Sonja! Sometimes I get discouraged and think there's no sense in writing the posts, or at least in doing anything other than chronicling what happens with lists, because "who is reading? I'm not worth reading, it's not cute or funny." So thank you for your compliment... I needed it :)