Monday, July 27, 2009

Mostly pictures.

Preparing for a trip to KY to visit Grandmere:

Me: [to Elijah] We have to pack some toys for you.
Grandmere: Pack some toys?! Are you CRAZY?! It's like carrying coals to Newcastle!


I'm staring at the blank blogger window and feeling pretty tapped out right now.

So here are some pictures.

Making the GPS go for Daddy.

Getting to be such a big boy.

Brothers in crime?

Serious boy.

There are a lot more here:



Gil said...

Hi. you have commented me on my blog and also left a question... Visit again it again.. I have provided an answer in your question..


AnnetteK said...

He is adorable! Picture posts get me through when I'm drawing a blank too!

Mama Coyote said...

@Gil - Thank you, I'm running over there now :)

@AnnetteK - Thank you :) Yeah... some days my brain just doesn't work, but pictures do ;) I need to post more, in fact. And videos... I have so many videos that need to go up on youtube.

Gil said...