Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Elijah and I are watching Babylon-5.

I am eating a potato.

My brain isn't working very well.

This unnamed malaise is difficult to explain. I sort of hurt. My eyes are puffy. My stomach is out of sorts. But my hair is partly blonde.

I think I just need more sleep.

And more water.

How about more pictures?

We have an awesome chair.

Elijah says the chair isn't so awesome.

Water bottles are cooler.


Magpie said...

He's one cute baby!

Mama Coyote said...

Why thank you :)

Nilofer said...

Hi! Lots of love and blessing to Elijah from me!

Do visit my blog: http://parentingworkshop.blogspot.com

Mama Coyote said...

I am following your blog on Google Reader, Nilofer :)

Yours, too, actually, Magpie.

If I haven't commented in the last couple of days, it's been because I've been crazy busy with getting ready for a trip to visit my parents. I'll do better later! :)