Monday, July 20, 2009

Sleep Mist == useful.

I really need to start keeping notes during the day.

Let's see...

I had bacon chocolate cake for breakfast. Actually, I think I had Honey Bunches of Oats with organic whole milk plus some heavy whipping cream for breakfast. Then we went walking with the Thai neighbour, and then when we got home I had bacon cake... and Elijah had watermelon and goldfish crackers.

How much will I enjoy these mundane details when I reread this blog?

More than you can possibly imagine.


The day has been quiet and sleepy. Elijah's been pretty cranky for the last few days--some of it diaper rash (cleared up now, yay!), some of it teeth, I think. Some may be too much Korean food :p And possibly a growth spurt. He's seemed taller every morning for the last four days.

We ate and walked and played Katamari today. And pulled books off the shelves. And then we napped for about four hours, which was nice but meant I was in a sugar crash when I woke up because I hadn't been eating correctly today (cereal. bacon cake. cheese. too infrequently. tomorrow will be better.), so the last hour before Brian got some was kinda iffy. But we played more Katamari :p

The weekend yard sale/flea market finds were incredible--an old solid wood writing desk for $10, Katamari Damacy for $5, a massive mirror in a frame for $25. Other things were baby toys, baby clothes, clothes for me, a mirror for the back of the car so Elijah can see us up front, a pack of double-yolk eggs from PA (I am unbelievably happy about these), a couple of gun holsters for costuming, some board books. AND THEN I went to a Cam game while Elijah and Brian went to the mall, and actually had fun and didn't worry about them.

Well, okay, I worried a little. I checked my phone every two minutes. But I had fun! I had conversations! I laughed! I relaxed! It was great :D

And my knees hurt like crazy afterwards from wearing high heels, but it was still great.

And Saturday was ended falling asleep cuddling up with my boys (all of them--Brian, Elijah, Remmy... Beanie ran off to hide under something and stay far away from us), all of us piled onto Elijah's bed. We slept till . . . 7:30am. Then went to more garage sales. Then off to aunt Dani's for clutch dinner and discussion. Dani's mashed potatoes and Beth's pot roast were INCREDIBLE. And it reminds me that I need to make mashed potatoes more often.

The weekend also involved entirely too much Korean food, which was awesome but possibly a mistake :p

Yes, this post is pure rambling for my own sake.

Some day I'll quit bothering to make that point.



The yolk is my absolute favourite part of the egg. I've made five or six overeasy fried eggs just for me, just so I can spoon up the yolk. AND THESE THINGS HAVE TWO NORMAL SIZED YOLKS PER EGG!!! It's the best thing in the WORLD! :D :D :D


Dinner tonight was leftover pot roast, leftover mashed potatoes, broccoli, saffron rice, and cheese. It was tasty and very filling.


I want some icecream!


Shaving reviews should resume tomorrow-ish. Hopefully.

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