Tuesday, July 7, 2009

This post brought to you by tea, playtime, and ibuprofen.

I realized that everything I was telling Corinna today should be a blog post, but I am too tired to rewrite it.

So here is that email in full, almost completely without context. Please enjoy ;)


"Er. Not "don't make the basement useable" but DO make the basement useable. Plans that DO make the basement possible for us to use.
The plans involve making sure the plumbing is fixed, first of all, so the basement stays dry... then cleaning it a lot, because it is dusty and dirty and stuff. And then painting the floor, then hanging a lot of fabric on the cinderblock walls, then putting down a lot of rugs everywhere to warm it up some. Then shelves and furniture and stuff. It will be eclectic and awesome :D
I do still read FlyLady sometimes. I'm trying to follow the principles a little more... I've mostly managed to do one load of laundry a day for a few days, so that's a start. I've also made sure dinner was ready for the last three days, and that's better than I've been doing lately.
I've also been trying to keep Elijah's room tidy. It makes me smile to see it all nice and babyproof and straightened up. We can go in there during the day and he can crawl all around and play.
I cleaned the hallway out tonight, so it is clear and walkable :D That makes me happy.
I also cleared out three crates and two boxes of stuff in the bedroom... so it's coming along as well.
The current rules are: Keep Elijah's room tidy. Keep the hallway clear.
Eventually the same will apply to all the other rooms, one at a time... the diningroom and kitchen seem to be almost impossible for that, but it will come. Especially when the basement is set up for use and storage. *claps her hands*
I also won a level of Katamari that has stumped me for a few days.
Tomorrow, I will continue to work on the bedroom. One day, it will be cleared out and looking good.
Maybe I'll post pictures tomorrow too."


As a side note, I've been playing Evony today. I don't know why. I've also been playing Vampire Wars on Facebook, but that's not new. And it's just to watch the numbers rise.

Speaking of trashy mindless vampire-ness, why in the name of all that is holy can I not find a copy of the third Twilight book? We've been on four different excursions to three different stores to look for it, and for some reason they have all the others, but not the third one. What? Why? All I want is my mindless trash to read in the shower--what is so karmically wrong with that that the cosmos is not allowing me to find this book? Arrrg!

There. I think I needed that rant ;)

As usual, InTuneWithSpirit.com and the Sisters of Mercy are helping keep me sane. In addition, so is the audiobook of A Confederacy of Dunces. I love that book so much. I've never read another book where the main character is so despicable, yet the book is amazingly entertaining. It's just wonderful.

I had a short-lived, air pressure-induced migraine today--from about 3pm to 9pm. Okay, maybe not so short-lived; 8 hours is probably about normal for me. The strange thing was that as my joints were seizing up and my head being fitted into a vice, Elijah became more and more energetic and obnoxious. It wasn't my perception that makes me feel that way--he was honestly more bouncy, and was taking delight in hitting me in the face. We took a bit of a nap and then Brian was home and I was rescued and able to hide under a shawl for a while.


Hmmm. No, I really don't think the tiny details of my life are interesting to the Internet at large, or even my friends. But I know they will be interesting to me in fifteen years, and that's why they're here.

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