Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Korean food is awesome.

Shaving stuff:

Derby blade == AWESOME

Taylor's St James == did not lather as well as DR Harris, scent strange in a cloying way, did not like.

I did like the lingering scent of the St James, though.


We had dinner at a Korean place tonight, because my birthday is tomorrow. Elijah ate lots of rice and some bulgogi, and LOTS of miso. He was loving the miso.

Bed-time snack was: Bananana, graham cracker, goldfish crackers, water. Beanie ate some banana.


While in the shower today, I managed to drop a large, heavy, very SOLID decorative glass egg on my foot.

It hurt.

A lot.


I want some more bulgogi. Or cinnamon buns.

Or bacon chocolate.

Night night.


Marcy said...

That was a great place. And, BACON CHOCOLATE!!!!

Mama Coyote said...