Thursday, July 16, 2009

This post is from yesterday.

It's my birthday today.

But that means less than this: Elijah is 11 months old today. In exactly one month, he will be a year old o.O

And today I got joint pain for my birthday. But also a nice long walk in the humid heat, which helped ease the pain.


Before I lie down to write blog posts, I have all kinds of things I want to blog about, and as soon as I open the blank blogger page, they all fly out of my head and I can't think of a single one. Sigh.

So we'll start with the basics--


Breakfast: I had leftover tom gha gai. Elijah had graham crackers, goldfish crackers, and water.

Lunch: Two soft-boiled eggs, two cucumbers, some little heirloom cherry tomatoes, with salt and olive oil. Elijah liked the cucumbers, and was not so interested in the eggs. I LOVED the eggs, they were perfect. Thank you, Lyn, for saying to boil them for three minutes. Elijah also had goldfish crackers. He eats a lot of those.

Dinner: Scrambled eggs, leftover steak, cheese, tortillas, saffron rice. Elijah enjoyed all of these, and gobbled up plenty of scrambled eggs and saffron rice. I ate mine with lots of Red Hot.

Snacks were mostly graham crackers, tea, and chocolate icecream.


AOS unscented shaving cream lathered beautifully and quickly. And I'm impatient, so it probably would have been even better if I'd kept working it.

Today's shave was quite smooth, using plenty of pre-shave oil and holding a hot towel on all parts to be shaved for a while before actual shaving. Also plenty of high-quality lather from the AOS stuff, and multiple re-latherings and passes. It was nice.

Derby blade remains good.

I think I like the DR Harris stuff better than the AOS, though.

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