Tuesday, July 14, 2009

On Shaving & Babies

...although not shaving babies. That would just be silly. It's taken the boy too long to grow what little hair he has. Shaving it would reset the clock and make me cry.


Shaving equipment makes me happy. Please see Badger & Blade and my shaving stuff.

Since I'm mostly a dirty hippie and had shaved my legs once in the last fifteen years, actually buying shaving stuff was new for me. But ohhh it's all so beautiful. And now obviously I have to do some shaving, to justify it all. Although my primary goal is to learn to shave Brian's face. Why? I was probably a personal gentleman's gentleman in a past life.

For my own archives, because I need the information:

DR Harris Marlborough Shave Cream: Light, feminine scent - not my thing, but not bad. Overwhelmed by scent of new, never-before-used badger brush. Lather seemed great, but I have nothing to compare it to. Shave was smoother than yesterday.


Tonight's routine was nice. Elijah sat in his BRAND NEW HIGH CHAIR (there'd be a picture of it if Picasa weren't acting up) and ate a bananana and a graham cracker and drank a lot of water, then we had a bath (so now he smells like honey), then Brian took the babyface to dry him off and get him ready for bed. They played in Elijah's room while I played with my shaving stuff. They were theoretically supposed to be straightening up Elijah's room, but that only happened after I had my pajamas on and was standing in the doorway ;)

Then I sprayed this strange Bath & Body Works Sleep Mist (acquired at a garage sale for free) onto the pillow and we settled down for nursing and Sisters of Mercy and blogging and reading B&B.


I need to remember that we need to eat banananananas and cucumbers tomorrow. Someone should remind me.

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